The Plastic Papers is a blog dedicated to providing insights into the world of plastic surgery from an informed perspective. The site is authored by myself, Dr. David Bogue. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a private practice in Boca Raton, FL.

I started The Plastic Papers to fill a void in the world of plastic surgery. The mission statement is simple – to provide an educated opinion on topics and media related to Plastic Surgery. The goal is to educate both the public and physicians on the fascinating world that is plastic surgery. At the same time, information is (hopefully) presented in an entertaining way. A few “rules of the road” are important to understand:

  • All opinions expressed are my own. You are not my patient just because you read my blog. In no way, shape or form am I providing medical advice to be acted upon by readers. That’s why you have doctors in your community. In other words, treat this blog as you would any newspaper or media article – it’s information, not direction. Please read the Terms of Use.
  • Just the facts, ma’am – New technology reviews are done in the spirit of bipartisanship. If a product works and is reproducible, I’ll herald it. If it’s snake oil, well… yeah. If I have a disclaimer to make, I will always make it at the beginning of the post.
  • Consultations will not be given through the comments section or through PMs. Interested in a consultation? If you live nearby, please call my office! Otherwise, you can find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area here.
  • Finally, please read the Terms of Use. This outlines our agreement in reading this blog.

Plastic surgery is an enormous field of study and no one plastic surgeon is an expert in all of it. When possible, I’ll call on experts in our field to provide more in depth analysis. If you have specific questions regarding my blog or wish to connect, please use the contact form below.


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